on the road again

ja nu har vi börjat årets resande
far land o rike runt o mättar de hungrig med strömmingsburgare
hinner därför inte skriva så mycket
utan lägger upp lite bilder här
vill ni följa oss så finns vi även på fejan

Postat av: Lissa


I have a kuvasz as well and I wonder if you can help me. We are having serious problems with the separation anxiety she got after staying 4 months at the quarantine station in Oslo. I read a lot of general tips and I am following them, but Bris is still so nervous, she actually made holes on the wall of my bedroom! I tried to leave her on the back yard once and she was just barking and crying all the time, a neighbour called me. She only starts eating the food inside her Kong when I come back home. Do you have any suggestions for us?

2010-09-29 @ 21:09:11
URL: http://kuvaszok.wordpress.com

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